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Gunboat Empire – History & Introduction

Greetings my name is Relentless and in Stellar Frontier, I became known as Space_Man_1 other nicknames are Blue, space88blue etc.

To introduce the Fleet of The Gunboat Empire. Well, I started Gunboat many years ago in 11th Dimension after the first wave of players left I remained as one of the first wave and the 2nd wave of players that played the server.

Most of our time was spent playing against newbie uprisings and rebellions as we had 3,000 colonies each taking 30 minutes to invade or 1 week to build. We built at least 1,000 of them between 11 of us. 2-2,500 were ceded from Shinshu Dynasty with Starwynd my friend and Viper1 and The “Empire” Star wars reference on the heavy there.

Havik is an old friend of mine that has bore the burden of my namesake due to familiar IP addresses before He is a veteran of Stellar Frontier and an excellent player once he gets used to his surroundings.

On with History! Anyway, after all the newbie uprisings, there was a super corp on the game called Broken Monkey that had quadruple my organization’s manpower but my people were elite and trained to be elite from newbie shells or experienced shells it didn’t matter we all fought together as a unit.

Anyway this Broken Monkey along with other loose and not so loose organizations on Starport Galatic Empires a similar game to Stellar Frontier. They co-founded “The Muppets” based on Jim Henson’s Muppets every veteran or newbie player was shielded by such a name to limit playstyle identifications and strategy counters.

Still, they had weaknesses and although they were not completely defeated neither was Gunboat. They fought valiantly too and became a challenge for the skill of my players, especially when outnumbered 10 to 1. They were our adversaries.

Now why this relates to Stellar Frontier is because some Stellar Frontier players such as “killer, die” and “Bacchus” from other organizations like Arcean Rebels came and followed me there and were part of my crew there as much as I was a part of their organizations towards the Apex of Stellar Frontier

“Fleet Of Assault” was my organization on Stellar Frontier and so was “Fleet Dead” a fleet I co-led as 3rd in Command with the Lightning Squadron which I will reintroduce to Gunboat-HQ here.

The years have worn heavily on me and I’ve gotten many ailments and disabilities but I still enjoy life and I am willing to be a leader in a follower’s world where leaders are few and character is needed.

Please consider joining us and I will share more in the coming times of this Fleet’s History.

~Gunboat Empire~
-Relentless, co-leader with Havik.