Stellar Frontier

Stellar Frontier – An Nostalgic and Undiscovered Nation

Stellar Frontier is a game of wonders it’s a game wherein five minutes you can conquer a solar system and gain points or it’s a game where in seconds you can vanquish a starship no worries everyone gets a new page to write their story on.

Stellar Frontier was initially developed by Stardock and it is open source at the moment for fans to develop and play with but Havik and myself Relentless/Space_Man_1 are trying to bring the community together so we can ALL divide and conquer once more 🙂 Hopefully, it makes sense.

Soon Havik will have a private server running and he has lots of downtimes to spend me not as much for the time being but I will be around for sure 🙂 So hopefully we can all get this show on the road and to play some Stellar Frontier! 🙂